Jenna Wade
Occupation: Barmaid
Owner of "Jenna's Boutique"
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Italian count
Renaldo Marchetta
Ray Krebbs (1987-onward)
Other Relationships: Bobby Ewing
Parent(s): Lucas Wade (father)
Sibling(s): None
Children: Charlotte Wade
Lucas Krebbs (Bobby is biological father, adopted by Ray)
Other relatives: Unknown
Played by: Morgan Fairchild (1978), Francine Tacker (1980), Priscilla Presley (1983-1988)
Appears on: Dallas (first series)

Jenna Wade was the first true love of Bobby Ewing, but she left him at the altar when they were engaged before the show's start, to marry an Italian count, Renaldo Marchetta. Later, she is forced to leave him again against her will, due to Renaldo's kidnapping their daughter Charlotte "Charlie" Wade. She later realizes she is pregnant with Bobby's child, Lucas Krebbs, but Bobby leaves her to marry his ex-wife, Pamela Barnes Ewing and Jenna ends up marrying Ray Krebbs and moving to Switzerland with him.