Art Hindle as Jeff Faraday
Art Hindle as Jeff Farraday
Jeff Farraday
Occupation: Drug dealer whom was Kristin Shepard's lover; sells their child Christopher to Pam & Bobby Ewing
Marital status: Widowed - Deceased
Parent(s): Not Mentioned
Sibling(s): Lisa Alden (sister)
Children: Christopher Ewing (biological)
Other relatives: ????
Played by: Art Hindle
Appears on: Dallas (first series) (11 episodes)

Jeff Farraday was a drug dealer and biological father of Christopher Ewing and husband of Kristin Shepard (Sue Ellen's sister). Jeff appears in a total of eleven episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas. The part of Jeff is played in these episodes by Art Hindle.

About JeffEdit

After Kristin, who had recently returned to Dallas to try to extort money from J.R., whom she had been having an affair with behind her sister Sue Ellen's back, and slips and falls, in a drunken/drug-hazed stupor in the pool at Southfork Ranch, Farraday calls Bobby Ewing and asked to meet. He tells Bobby that he was Kristin’s lover and companion in California, and that he knows where the baby is. He can’t meet the financial burdens of a child, so he figures that Bobby might be able to find a good family.

Farraday met Bobby at Reunion Arena and tells him that he can’t stay around Dallas much longer. Bobby asks how much he wants for the child and Farraday offers $ 25,000 which Bobby immediately accepts. Soon thereafter, Farraday was shot dead by drug dealers. They expected $ 50,000 in payment for a large shipment of cocaine and when Jeff didn’t pay up they killed up.

Eventually Pam and Bobby, who were unable to have children, adopted Christopher as their own son.