Jeb Ames
Jeb Ames (Sandy Ward) confronted by Bobby about the death of Julie Grey, J.R.'s former secretary in "The Red File: Part 2".
Jeb Ames
Occupation: Businessman
About: Cronie of J.R.'s whom he counts on in doing much of his "dirty work" in intimidationg those who oppose him in business dealings
Played by: Sandy Ward
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 5 in Season 2
  • First appearance: "Fallen Idol" (Season 1)
  • Last appearance: "Whatever Happened to Baby John? (Part 2)" (Season 2)
  • Jeb Ames was a recurring charater who appeared in a total of 5 episodes of the CBS- TV series Dallas, first appearing in the episode "Fallen Idol" in Season 1. The part of Jeb is played by Sandy Ward.

    About JebEdit

    In the second episode of the two-part story arc "The Red File: Part 2", when Bobby Ewing confronts he and fellow J.R. Ewing cronie Willie Joe Garr about the death of former Ewing Oil secretary Julie Grey (Tina Louise), who fell from the balcony of her apartment when they confronted her about the "Ewing Red File" which she had in her possesion in planning to give to Cliff Barnes which had info on J.R. having talks with prominent policitians, namely former State Senator "Will Bill" Orloff" which could put J.R. and others in Ewing Oil behind bars, he insisted that he and Willie Joe didn't push her, that they only wanted to run her out of town, and that she fell accidentally.

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