Margaret Michaels as Jeanne O'Brien
Margaret Michaels as Jeanne O'Brien
Jeanne O'Brien
Occupation: Realtor with Stanton Blake Realty, Dallas TX
About: Has a brief romantic fling with Bobby Ewing, who was setting to buy a home for he and fiance April Stevens
Played by: Margaret Michaels
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 4 in Season 13

Jeanne O'Brien, a real estate agent who has a romantic fling with Bobby Ewing, appears in four episodes in Season 13 of the original Dallas TV series. The part of Jeannie is played by Margaret Michaels, who assumed the role of Pam Ewing in the character's final appearance in the Season 12 episode "Carousel".

About JeannieEdit

When Bobby, who was shopping for a new house to buy with April Stevens, who he is engaged to and setting to wed, meets with the real estate agent who was to sell the house to him, Jeannie, he becomes completely smitten with her as the two carry on a brief fling.

Jeannie, who's Dallas born and raised, completely sweeps Bobby, who couldn't get his former wife Pam out of his mind everytime he saw Jeanne, whom he had first seen getting into a car with a Stanton Drake, of the Stanton Drake Realty, which Jeannie works for, the evening before at a posh downtown Dallas hotel.

Margaret Michaels, who plays the part of Jeannie, in comparing the two, describes Jeannie as being a bit more manipulative than Bobby's former wife Pamela, and also as one who is trying to sucessfully climb the corporate ladder, without really knowing who she is, who sees Bobby as a sort of "knight in shining armor" or a "Prince Charming" whom she cannot really have to herself, as he's already engaged to someone else. [1]


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