David Wilson as Jason Ewing
David Wilson as Jason Ewing
Jason Ewing †
Occupation: Early investor inEwing Oil
Minority owner/shareholder in Southfork Ranch (1938-????)
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Nancy Shaw (?-?, both deceased)
Parent(s): Leander Ewing
Sibling(s): Jock Ewing
Children: Jack Ewing
Jamie Ewing
Played by: David Wilson in the TV movie
Appears on: Dallas:The Early Years (TV movie)

Jason Ewing was the older brother of Jock Ewing, and major investor and shareholder in what eventually would become Ewing Oil, and then evolve into the Ewing Global empire in the TNT series Dallas, the brother in law of Miss Ellie Ewing, and uncle of J.R. Ewing, Gary Ewing, Bobby Ewing, and Ray Krebbs. He also was the father of future Ewing Oil stockholders Jack Ewing and Jamie Ewing Barnes. He is only mentioned in the CBS-TV series Dallas. He is played by David Wilson in the 1985 CBS-TV movie Dallas:The Early Years.

About Jason, Jock, Digger, &*the Ewing Oil beginnings Edit

When Jock and then partner Digger Barnes were trying to build up what became Ewing Oil as wildcatters in the late 1920's, he often was impatient and stern with him because of Digger's weakness for booze, not understanding his friend's compulsion, and more than once he ended up trying to knock some sense into Digger's drunken lump. Jock brought in his older brother, Jason, hoping he would help stabilize the venture.[1]

Ewing #1, big brother Jason, came into the fold. That day, hat in hand, looking up to the Lord and thanking him, Jock had apparently experienced a happiness he had never known before. He immediately moved his then-wife Amanda to the Colorado hospital and channeled the rest of the added income from Jason into new sites.[1]

But trouble was still brewing with Jason and Digger! Jock was at first furious, and then utterly disgusted when both partners kept losing their shares of the money in drunken poker games. As wells 2, 3, 4, and 5 came in, Jock soon found himself with new partners, each with a paper that showed he had won Digger's and Jason's interests in the well. Each time, Jock would search all over town and then finally find Digger and Jason holed up somewhere, nursing a bottle.

When Jock could get them sobered up, they would stagger back to work. This time, on #6, Jock was determined that his partners would keep their shares. He took the leases on the new site in his name only, so Jason and Digger couldn't lose their shares if they tried. [1]


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