J.R. Ewing's Master Plan was J.R.'s final plan that was made to end the Ewing-Barnes feud.


J.R. Ewing was days from dying from cancer so he constructed a plan that could take down Cliff Barnes for good.


The PlanEdit

When J.R. was a kid, he played with Jock Ewing's shotgun.  Later, he planted a few shells in Bobby's room, framing Bobby and getting him in trouble.  J.R. thought it was time to do something similar.  As he had a few days left, he ordered Bum to kill him with a gun registered to Cliff Barnes.  Bum then stole J.R.'s belt buckle which would later be placed in Cliff Barnes safety deposit.  Cliff who was also in Mexico the same time, had his plane flown over to Nuevo Laredo, the place of J.R. Ewing.  With enough to frame Cliff, Cliff's daughter, Rebecca Barnes asks to fly over to Nueva Laredo as he can only be arrested there.  Before boarding the plane, Rebecca planted the gun used to kill J.R. in the trunk which the D.P.D would find and match the shells used are similar that to which killed J.R. 

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