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"JR" redirects here. For other John Ross, see John Ross.
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John Ross "J.R." Ewing Jr. †
  • Former Owner of Southfork Ranch
  • Former Co-President of Ewing Oil, alongside Bobby
  • 35% Shareholder in WestStar Oil
  • Former Founder and CEO of JRE Industries
  • Former Chief Executive Officer and 25% Owner of Harwood Oil
  • Former President of Ewing Oil
  • Former Vice-President of Ewing Oil
  • Marital status: Divorced
    Spouse(s): Sue Ellen Shepard
    Cally Harper
    Other Relationships: Vanessa Beaumont
    Julie Grey
    Kristin Shepard
    Louella Caraway Lee
    Marilee Stone
    Leslie Stewart
    Serena Wald
    Holly Harwood
    Afton Cooper
    Mandy Winger
    Angelica Nero (Dream Season Only)
    Kimberley Cryder
    Parent(s): Miss Ellie Ewing (mother, deceased)
    Jock Ewing (father, deceased)
    Sibling(s): Bobby Ewing (brother)
    Gary Ewing (brother)
    Ray Krebbs (half-brother)
    Children: James Richard Beaumont (Son with Vanessa Beaumont)
    Unnamed child (aborted with Lee Ann Nelson)

    John Ross Ewing III (Son with Sue Ellen Ewing)
    Unnamed child (miscarried with Kristin Shepard)
    Unnamed child (with Cally Harper, name & sex have never been stated)

    Other relatives: Lucy Ewing Cooper (niece)
    Christopher Ewing (nephew)
    Lucas Krebbs (nephew)
    Margaret Krebbs (niece)
    Bobby Ewing (nephew)
    Betsy Ewing (niece)
    Played by: Larry Hagman †
    Appears on: Dallas as regular character
    Dallas (second series) (regular character)
    Knots Landing in guest appearances
    John Ross "J.R." Ewing, Jr. was the ruthless tycoon of Ewing Oil.


    Early lifeEdit

    J.R. was born in September 1939, to Jock and Miss Ellie Ewing. He has two younger brothers, Bobby Ewing and Gary Ewing (who fled to California before the series began), and a half-brother, Ray Krebbs, the illegitimate son of Jock.

    J.R. was married to Miss Texas beauty queen Sue Ellen Shepard in 1970.

    Revival seriesEdit

    J. R. returns in the 2012 revival of the series, which focuses on J. R.'s son John Ross Ewing III and Bobby's adopted son Christopher Ewing. To J. R.'s delight, John Ross has become a carbon copy of him, in that he is more focused on Ewing Oil, and is bent on money, power and greed.

    As the series begins J.R. has spent the last few years in a nursing home, suffering from chronic depression and not speaking despite visits from Bobby. Bobby visits and tells J.R. that all of their fights over Ewing Oil and Southfork changed him in ways he doesn't like and that he wants Christopher and John Ross to be a real family and not be like them always fighting. When John Ross eventually visits him on Bobby's suggestion, he says that Bobby plans to sell Southfork, J.R. finally rouses himself to help his son fight the attempts to block his drilling for oil on the ranch and tells John Ross that Bobby was always a fool. He reveals that he is working alongside Marta Del Sol, the daughter of an old friend of J.R.'s, who owns millions of acres of land. Marta is supposedly offering a partnership to Bobby but it's J.R. pulling the strings as when Bobby signs Southfork to Marta's conservatory, it'll really be going to J.R. John Ross is really working alongside Marta, with J.R. seeing them together but not seeming to mind. J.R. surprises everyone by showing up at a family gathering (acting much more invalid such as using a walker) and apologizing to Bobby and Sue Ellen for his actions of the past. He later goes to Mexico to see Marta's father but he knows nothing of any deal. He then introduces his daughter only she's not the woman J.R. knows as Marta. Realizing he's been fooled, J.R. tells Del Sol he's made a mistake and bites out that Marta should meet his son as "he's a chip off the old block."

    J.R. eventually succeeds in getting Southfork from Bobby and doesn't waste any time in beginning to drill for oil on Southfork. He also cuts John Ross out of the partnership. However, he does give his son power of attorney to run his business ventures.


    In the Dallas episode "Furious and the Fast " J.R. was talking to his son John Ross on his cellphone someone walks up to him and shoots him twice. He was then buried next to Jock and Miss Ellie.  It was later revealed that J.R. had cancer and only had days to live in a letter he left for Bobby. 

    J. R.'s MasterpieceEdit

    J. R. constructed a master plan that would end the Barnes-Ewing feud. His plan was to have his private investigator Bum Jones kill him and frame Cliff Barnes for his murder. J. R. knew Cliff was in Mexico so he had someone move Cliff's plane to Nuevo Laredo, where J. R. was staying. After J.R.'s death, the Ewing family planted Cliff's finger prints on a fake of J. R.'s belt buckle then Pamela placed the buckle in the Barnes's safety deposit. The gun given to John Ross was then revealed to be Cliff's gun, which was what Bum used to kill J. R. Pamela arranges for Cliff to go to Mexico. She plants the gun in Cliff's car while he's boarding his private jet. When he arrives to Mexico, he is confronted by the Ewings and arrested for the murder of J. R. by the police.


    J.Rs Masterpiece written to Bobby Ewing by J.R. himself.



    J.R. was married to Miss Texas beauty queen Sue Ellen Shepard in 1970, and he had a large amount of extramarital affairs, which culminated in their divorce in 1981; then again from 1982-1988). He was extremely cruel to his nemesis, Cliff Barnes, who his wife had an affair with. He had a son with her, John Ross, whom he chose as his favorite son. He had a third child with his second wife Cally Harper (1988-1991).


    Afton Cooper: Late 80s.

    His eldest son, named James Richard Beaumont, came from an affair in France, with Vanessa Beaumont.


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