Harris Ryland
Harris Ryland
Occupation: CEO of Ryland Transportation
Marital status: Divorced
Spouse(s): Ann Ewing (divorced)
Other Relationships: Unknown
Parent(s): Judith Ryland (mother)
Sibling(s): Unknown
Children: Emma Ryland
Other relatives: Unknown
Played by: Mitch Pileggi
Harris Ryland is a big-time Texas transportation executive, who is as sly as he is rich and continues to his ex-wife, Ann Ewing in her new life.

Ann tried to help Bobby by going to Harris to have him pull his trucks from the ranch to prevent oil from leaving Southfork. He sent her a necklace that made her upset. Bobby punched him out, and was arrested for assault. Harris dropped the charges once Bobby apologized. He tried to blackmail Sue Ellen Ewing to launder money through her campaign fund. He was forced to drop his plan when Ann secretly recorded him confessing to the deed.

During the second season, he blackmailed Ann into giving back the tape, as he claimed he knew the whereabouts of their daughter Emma who had been kidnapped when she was a child. Ann gives back the tape, only to find Emma who was hostile towards her. It turned out Harris and his mother Judith had kidnapped Emma and took her away from Ann. Ann later shot Harris in his home, but he survived and told police that Bobby had tried to kill him. Ann later handed herself in to free Bobby, and was later found guilty for the attempted murder, but got probation due to Harris' schemes. Emma later went to live with the Ewings as she realized what Harris and Judith where like.

After the death of J.R. Ewing, Harris teamed up with the Ewings rival Cliff Barnes to take down the Ewings. In the finale he was arrested due to his schemes as the Ewings followed J.R's masterpiece which was to take down Cliff and Harris and end the Barnes-Ewing feud. Cliff was later arrested after being set up for J.R's murder.

During the third season, he is released from prison by the mexican drug cartel. After Emma released his mother Judith, they went to meet him in Mexico. Since he was supposedly working for them, no one checked him for a wire. It is later learned that he had been working for the CIA.