Garrison Southworth
Garrison Southworth
Marital status: Single
Parent(s): Aaron Southworth (father, deceased)
Barbara Southworth (mother, deceased)
Children: ????
Other relatives: Eleanor "Miss Ellie" Ewing (sister, deceased)
Played by: Gene Evans on the TV series
Matt Mulhern in the TV movie
Appears on:
  • Dallas (first series)
  • Dallas:The Early Years (TV movie)
  • Episodes appeared in: "Home Again" (Season 2)

    Garrison Southworth was the brother of Miss Ellie Ewing and had appeared in the episode of the CBS-TV series "Dallas" "Home Again". The part of Garrison is played by veteran TV/film actor Gene Evans. A younger Garrison is played by actor Matt Mulhern in the 1986 CBS-TV movie Dallas:The Early Years.


    Garrison was believed to be dead when his boat went down, however he had survived and moved around different places. Miss Ellie and her husband Jock Ewing had him declared dead in order to get hold of Southfork, although Ellie felt some guilt for the action as she believed it was rightfully Garrison's.

    In 1979, 40 years after his apparent death, Garrison became ill and only had a short time to live. After receiving a painting of the old Southfork ranch, he went round with his nurse, Cathy Baker (Melinda O. Fee) to drop it off, and met Ellie's youngest son Bobby. Garrison went round later and surprised a shocked Ellie, but she was happy to see him again. However her oldest son, J.R became suspicious of Garrison's sudden reappearance, and believed he wanted the ranch back, and that Cathy was Garrison's mistress who only wanted money. The next day when Garrison has dinner with Ellie, she offers him back the ranch, but J.R interrupts after trying to pry Cathy for information and voices his suspicions. This causes an angry Garrison to leave. Bobby and his wife Pamela go round to Garrison's home and find out from Cathy about Garrison dying, and Bobby tells Ellie. Ellie goes to see Garrison and he admits he only has a short time to live. Ellie tells her family the truth, and asks for Garrison to move in to spend his last moments on the ranch, to which they agree and Jock tells his apologizes for suspecting.

    Matt Mulhern as Garrison Southworh DTEL

    Matt Mulhern (center) as a younger Garrison Southworth in the CBS-TV movie "Dallas: The Early Years" in 1986.

    At the end of the episode Garrison and Ellie go around the Ranch for a walk, with Garrison declaring how beautiful the place is in delight.

    Garrison and Ellie's father, Aaron Southworth, had bequeathed the controlling interest in the ranch to his son, who, through his stupor of his drinking problem, agreed to sell to Jock and sister Ellie, with the two moving to have him declared dead after he was believed to be when his boat went down in an accident, only for him to return to Southfouk 40 years later claiming he was swindled out his stake in the ranch, as Jock and Ellie, upon learning of his medical condition, had decided to grant him his wish to spend his final days there.


    • Miss Ellie and Jock's second son Gary was named after Garrison after his supposed death.
    • He was friends with Jock's rival Digger Barnes and seems to believe Jock had cheated Digger, something that Digger himself also believed.