"Smilin'" Frank Ashkani
Occupation: Cliff Barnes's right-hand man at Barnes Global : Deceased
Marital status: Unknown, presumably Single
Spouse(s): None
Other Relationships: Unknown
Parent(s): Not Mentioned
Sibling(s): Not Mentioned
Children: None, presumably
Other relatives: Unknown
Played by: Faran Tahir
Appears on: Dallas (second series)
 "Smilin'" Frank Ashkani (born Raheed Durani ) is Cliff Barnes' right-hand man and the private driver. He was born in Islamabad and Cliff rescued him from the streets 30 years before the series beginning. He gave him a proper education and raised him like a son, but never made him his heir. He becomes Cliff's most trusted advisor and helps him in the running of Cliff's Casinos. It is later revealed that Frank is working with Cliff in Tommy and Rebecca's scheming, and in the season finale he helps Rebecca of disposing of Tommy's body and reprimands her for hiring Tommy. When Cliff leaves, he instructs Frank to protect and help Rebecca in their plans; then Frank addresses to Rebecca as "Miss Barnes".  When being indicted of murdering Tommy and Becky Sutter, Frank quickly gathered a poison pill from an opening in his shirt and swallowed it while a distraction was occurring, fell to the floor, and died.