Francine Tacker in publicity photo, c. 1980
Francine Tacker
General Information
Born: (1946-09-15) September 15, 1946 (age 70)
Birthplace: Washington, DC, U.S.
Occupation: Actress
Years active: 1975-1995
Appeared on/in
(or involved with):
Dallas (first series)
Appeared as: Jenna Wade (2 episodes, Season 2)
Francine Tacker is one of the actresses who played Jenna Wade on the original Dallas. Tacker was the second actress to play the character, succeeding Morgan Fairchild and preceding Priscilla Presley, She appeared in two episodes of the series in Season 2, first the episode "Jenna's Return" and then "Sue Ellen's Choice". She was also a regular on the series The Paper Chase, playing Elizabeth Logan during the 1978-1979 season.

Personal lifeEdit

Francine was married to actor Robert Ginty, whom she met during filming of The Paper Chase. Their son is actor James Francis Ginty.

External linksEdit

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