Emma Ryland
Occupation: Unknown
Marital status: Single
Spouse(s): Unknown
Other Relationships: John Ross Ewing III
Parent(s): Harris Ryland (father)
Ann Ewing (mother)
Bobby Ewing (stepfather)
Sibling(s): Christopher Ewing (stepbrother)
Children: None
Other relatives: Judith Ryland (grandmother)
Played by: Emma Bell
Emma Judith Ryland (also known as Emma Brown) is the beautiful and intelligent daughter of Harris Ryland and Ann Ewing and the granddaughter of Judith Ryland.


She was kidnapped by her father and grandmother when she was a baby from her mother. She was secretly raised in England by her grandmother under her grandmother's maiden name. During her whole life Harris and Judith poisoned Emma to hate Ann and, like her mother before her, she was led to use anxiety pills to overcome her father's and grandmother's strict upbringing.

Season 2Edit

At the trial of Ann's shooting of Harris, Emma realizes that her father and grandmother have been lying to her her entire life when she hears the true story of her disappearance and her mother's suffering at the hands of Harris and Judith. Emma leaves her father's house and goes to Southfork to stay with the Ewings. Now Emma and Ann start to bond and get to know each other. During episode eight of season two, Emma and John Ross have sex in a car. She also begins a romance with Drew Ramos, Elena's brother, but it ends after Harris has Drew beaten up brutally. Emma helps the Ewings in taking down her father.

Season 3Edit

Emma is now John Ross's official mistress.

They separated in episode 9.

Emma was raped by a man named Luis.