Election is the eighth episode of Season 2 of the CBS-TV series Dallas, also the 13th overall series episode. Written by Rena Down and directed by Barry Crane, the episode originally aired on CBS-TV on November 5, 1978.


The Pamela/J.R. rift grows. While she seeks to help her brother Cliff's campaign for political office, J.R. mounts a disinformation campaign targeting Cliff's sexual history.


When Cliff announces that he's running for the Texas State Senate, it puts the Ewing clan on high alert, and gets a candidate of their own. Things get ugly when Pam inadvertently tells Jock and J.R. about Cliff's past relationship, both in the political ring and between Pam and Cliff, itself.

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When “Election” begins, the liberal Cliff is cast in a far better light than the conservative Ewings. In the first scene, he rejects a big campaign contribution from a sleazy oil industry emissary – even though his shoestring campaign desperately needs cash.

Contrast this with J.R. and Jock. When Cole’s campaign flounders, they resort to dirty tricks, exposing the fact that when Cliff was younger, his pregnant girlfriend died after a botched abortion.

But ultimately, “Election” takes a cynical view of all politics. In the final scene, after Cliff has lost his race, he calls top aide Peter Larson and tells him he’ll run again – but in his next campaign, he’ll take the oil industry’s money. “Peter,” Cliff says, “I just became a realist.”

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