Robin Clarke as Ed Haynes
Robin Clarke as Ed Haynes, Pam's ex-husband, in "Double Wedding" in Season 2 of the CBS-TV series "Dallas".
Ed Haynes
Occupation: Ex U.S. Army special Forces officer
About: Returns to Dallas after being a POW; Concocts scheme to extort possibly millions from the Ewing family when he learns of ex-wife Pam's marriage to a Ewing, as he tries to work with Harry Ritlin in concealing their annullment papers from her and Bobby
Played by: Robin Clarke
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: "Double Wedding" in Season 2

Ed Haynes, the ex-husband of Pamela Barnes Ewing, is a character who appears in the Season 2 episode of Dallas titled "Double Wedding". The part of Harry is played by Robin Clarke.

About EdEdit

Ed, who has just recently returned to Dallas after serving in the U.S. Army, meets up with an old buddy from the service, a one Harry Ritlin, who works for the Texas State Hall of Records, who's persuaded to get involved in his friend's rouse in hiding papers of the annullment of Pam's brief marriage to him in 1970, from the Ewings, as, when visited by Pam, Bobby and Cliff, he claims that there was never an annullment filed, when, in actuality, one was indeed filed in 1970, when Pam and Ed were indeed wed.

Ed promises to give him a tenth of whatever he can milk out of the Ewing fortune, as he, initially, tries to scam $1000 out of ex-wife Pam, to whom he tries to pour the charm on, meeting up with her at a downtown Dallas mall, as he claimed to still be in love with her; when Bobby confromts him as to the motive as to why he is persuing his wife, he winds up threating him, after he dangles out the annullment papers, which he stole from Digger's home, this after meeting up with him at a local bar nearby and drinking with him and then driving him home.

When he learns that his ex is married into the Ewing fortune through husband Bobby, he tries to "up the ante" and possibly get millions in threatening to go to the press about Pam's "bigamy", which is exactly where Harry, who was only in it to get $100 or so, gets cold feet, as to protect himself from the wrath of powerful Ewing clan and their high-priced lawyers, reveals to Bobby, Pam and Cliff, who make a return trip to the Hall of Records to talk to him, reveals that he made an extra copy of the original papers, as Haynes, who was duped anyhow by a rouse by Pam and Bobby which led him to think Pam was divorcing Bobby, and losing financial ties to the Ewings, has already skipped town!

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