Dusty Farlow
Occupation: Rodeo star
Marital status: Married or Divorced
Spouse(s): Linda Farlow
Other Relationships: fling with Sue Ellen Ewing
Parent(s): Lady Jessica Farlow Montford and Atticus Ward (biological parents)
Sibling(s): None
Children: None
Other relatives: Clayton Farlow (uncle/adoptive father)
Amy Farlow †
(aunt/adoptive mother)
Played by: Jared Martin

Steven "Dusty" Farlow is the nephew (and essentially, adoptive son) of Clayton Farlow and his first wife, Amy Farlow †.


Early lifeEdit

Dusty's real mother was named Jessica, and was taken to a mental hospital due to her violent condition. She ended up killing his aunt and adoptive mother (Clayton's first wife) in a fire when she feared she would lose him to his adoptive mother. He grew up with his uncle Clayton and became a rodeo star.


He briefly had a fling with Sue Ellen Ewing who planned to leave J. R. for him until he was reported on television to have died in a plane crash which caused recovering alcoholic Sue Ellen to reach for the bottle the night J. R. was shot. When Sue Ellen was arrested, not knowing if she shot J. R. or not, a mystery person paid her bail. Later on she discovers that Dusty is alive and paralysed from the waist down and it was he that bailed her bail. They re-kindled their romance and she left J. R. and she even brought her son John Ross Ewing III to live with Dusty and Clayton. She ended up moving back to her husband, J.R. Ewing.