Donna Culver Krebbs
Occupation: First Lady of Texas
President of Ewing Oil
Owner of Krebbs Oil
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Sam Culver (1976-1979)
Ray Krebbs (1981-1987)
Andrew Dowling (1987-?)
Other Relationships: Cliff Barnes
Parent(s): died in a car accident when Donna was a girl
Sibling(s): unknown
Children: Tony Krebbs (adopted)
Margaret Krebbs
Dave Culver (step-son)
Other relatives: unknown
Played by: Susan Howard
Donna McCullum Culver Krebbs was previously married to the governor of Texas, Sam Culver, but began an affair with Ray Krebbs. When her husband died, she wanted to wait a while before marrying Ray. She briefly had a fling with Cliff Barnes.

In the 1985-1986 season, she was believed to be pregnant with a child with Down's Syndrome, and miscarry after being kicked in the stomach at a rodeo. She also adopted Tony Krebbs in this season. However, this season was revealed to be a dream sequence, and she appeared in the next series still pregnant, and eventually giving birth to the healthy Margaret Krebbs in 1987. She and Ray decided to divorce after Margaret's birth but they parted ways as friends.