Deborah Shelton
Deborah Shelton played the part of Mandy winger, one in a line of mistresses of J.R. Ewing on the original "Dallas" TV series on CBS-Tv.
Deborah Shelton
General Information
Birth Name: Deborah Shelton
Also known as:
Debbie Shelton
Born: (1948-11-21) November 21, 1948 (age 69)
Birthplace: Washington, D.C., U.S.
Occupation: Actress/Beauty queen
Years active: 1970-present
Appeared on/in
(or involved with):
  • Dallas (first series)
  • Dallas (second series)
  • Appeared as: Mandy Winger
    Episodes appeared in
    /involved with:
  • 63 episodes in Seasons 6-10 in old series
  • "J.R.'s Masterpiece" in Season 2 of new series
  • Website/URL:

    Deborah Shelton (born November 21, 1948) played the recurring role of Mandy Winger, an actress and model who carried on a long-standing affair with J.R. Ewing on the original Dallas TV series on CBS. She would reprise the role on the TNT network revival series Dallas in the Season 2 episode "J.R.'s Masterpiece", as her character, Mandy, attends the funeral of J.R. in the episode. A former beauty queen, Deborah held the Miss USA title, winning it in 1970.

    Life and careerEdit

    Education and careerEdit

    Born in [[Washington, D.C., Deborah grew up in Norfolk, Virginia. She graduated from Norview High School there, and then attended Old Dominion University. She was a junior studying art at the time she won the Miss USA title.

    Prior to winning her first pageant title, Shelton was enrolled as a pre-medical student. After college, she moved to New York City, where she studied acting, modeled, and appeared on television commercials.

    In March 1974, she appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine. She later starred in the 1984 film Body Double and made frequent guest appearances on television series such as Fantasy Island, The A-Team, T.J. Hooker, The Fall Guy, Cheers, The Love Boat, Riptide, and Get a Life.

    In 2008, she was cast to play a rich housewife in the American television series Nip/Tuck.

    Her most notable television performance is the role of Mandy Winger, one of J. R. Ewing's more memorable mistresses in Dallas. After the character left the show, an outpouring of fan mail convinced the producers to bring the character back.[1] Shelton appeared in the series from 1984 to 1987. She also had a role on The Yellow Rose, a "critically acclaimed flop".

    In 1991 and 1992, Deborah returned to the Miss USA stage, offering commentary during the pageant.[2]

    During 2012, she made a guest appearance on the newly revived Dallas series - she portrayed her old character, Mandy Winger for JR Ewing's memorial service.


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