Dallas 2012 series - Season 3 DVD

TNT series "Dallas" Season 3 DVD cover.

Dallas 2012 series - Season 3

Promotional poster for Season 3 of the TNT series "Dallas".

The third and final season of the TNT series Dallas aired a total of fifteen episodes, with the season opener airing on February 24, 2014.

Series overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 10 Jun3 13, 2012 August 8, 2012
2 15 January 28, 2013 April 15, 2013
3 15 February 24, 2014 September 22, 2014
Season 3 episodes
Image Episode Title Written Directed by Original air date Prod.code # in Series
Image Needed 1 "The Return" Cynthia Cidre & Robert Rovner Steve Robin February 24, 2014 2M6401 26
Sue Ellen plans a wedding for John Ross and Pamela. John Ross and Bobby dispute over their joint ownership of Southfork, especially when it comes to a massive remodeling project. Sue Ellen cautions John Ross not to underestimate Bobby and reminds him of the importance of working together as a family. Cliff Barnes begins to plot his revenge on the Ewings from prison. Old Ramos family friend Joaquin (now calling himself Nicolas Trevino) arrives in Dallas presumably to act as Cliff Barnes's proxy. Elena returns to Dallas and secures a job with Ewing Global only to be acting as a mole planted by Cliff and Nicolas (Joaquin). John Ross tries to make a business deal with Emma, who is the acting-CEO of Ryland Transport now that her father is in prison. Christopher meets Heather (a Southfork ranchhand) for the first time.
Image Needed 2 "Trust Me" Bruce Rasmussen Millicent Shelton March 3, 2014 2M6402 27
Sue Ellen has Bum tail John Ross to see if he is cheating on Pamela with Emma Ryland. Bum finds out that he is, but then warns him not to make the same mistakes that his father made. Pamela begins to have her suspicions about John Ross anyway. Heather lashes out at Christopher when she thinks he and Bobby are behind the efforts to drill on Southfork, but she finds out John Ross is. Christopher invites Nicolas to the Ewing barbecue in an effort to raise capital for the arctic leases. He then volunteers to go to Mexico to see what he can find about Nicolas when details about his alleged deal with Cliff Barnes don't ring true. Seismic tests supposedly determine that the Shale plates are within John Ross's surface rights on Southfork even after the Seismic tester confesses to having been bribed by John Ross. Bobby and Ann look into Harris Ryland's release from jail and find out the he is involved in a secret C.I.A. operation against the Mendez-Ochoa drug cartel.
Image Needed 3 "Playing Chicken" Gail Gilchriest Jesse Bochco March 3, 2014 2M6403 28
Bum again warns John Ross about being discreet with Emma. He tells Sue Ellen that John Ross is not sleeping with Emma, but then recants his story, giving Sue Ellen reason to be concerned. Ryland warns Ann about the danger posed by the Mendez-Ochoa drug cartel to Emma, his mother, AND her. John Ross wins Southfork ranch hand Bo over to his side on the question of drilling on Southfork land. Nicolas (Joaquin) attempts to bribe a witness in the Cliff Barnes murder case, but he is met by Bobby when he drops off the bribe money. Emma buys a green bustier especially for John Ross who then feigns a headache when Pamela shows up later at home in an identical garment. In Mexico, Christopher meets a man who was cheated out of his share of the profits from a drug patent by Nicolas (Joaquin). He is then taken to the Trevino family compound where he is introduced to Nicolas's (Joaquin's) wife. Nicolas (Joaquin) and Elena sleep together. Bobby shows up at John Ross's drilling site with a Lesser Prairie Chicken - reminding John Ross that drilling would threaten the bird's natural habitat.
Image Needed 4 "Lifting the Veil" Taylor Hamra Bethany Rooney March 17, 2014 2M6404 29
On the morning of his wedding to Pamela, John Ross is called into a meeting with the Texas Railroad Commissioner about his permit to drill for oil on Southfork where he instead finds Harris Ryland waiting to meet with him. Sue Ellen, expressing further concern that her son is becoming more and more like his father, asks Ann that Emma be made to move off Southfork. Ann reminds her that it might not be safe because of the dangers posed by the Mendez-Ochoa drug cartel. Christopher returns from Mexico after meeting with Nicolas's (Joaquin's) wife who then travels to Dallas and confronts him about his relationship with Elena and blackmails him over his threat to divorce her. Drew is now hiding out on the Trevino family compound and has an attack of conscience about blowing up Christopher's methane rig. John Ross is issued his drilling permit after he discovers that the Texas Railroad Commissioner that initially denied him his permit has some strange sexual fetishes. John Ross and Pamela's wedding goes off seemingly without a hitch. Sue Ellen goes to Bobby over her concerns about John Ross's behavior. Ryland and his mother put into motion a plan to blackmail John Ross. Christopher and Heather hook up after the wedding.
Image Needed 5 "D.T.R." Aaron Allen Rodney Charters March 24, 2014 2M6405 30
The honeymoon is over for John Ross as Bobby and Sue Ellen try to use the Governor (guest star Steven Weber) to stop John Ross from becoming just like his father, J.R…. a move that could divide the family forever. Meanwhile, Christopher discovers surprising details about Heather's (guest star AnnaLynne McCord) past; Cliff (guest star Ken Kercheval) persuades Elena to try a new tack in her quest for justice; and Judith Ryland (guest star Judith Light) and Ann try, with varying degrees of success, to get Emma under control.
Image Needed 6 "Like Father, Like Son" Julia Cohen Steve Robin March 31, 2014 2M6406 31
After Bobby’s appointment as Railroad Commissioner, John Ross scrambles to find the funds to keep the Arctic lease deal alive. Using any means necessary, even if it means betraying those who love him most. Sensing an opportunity, Elena and Nicolas get Pamela and John Ross out of the office to divide and conquer. Meanwhile, things get complicated for Christopher and Heather and Ryland’s plot to keep Emma and John Ross apart takes an unexpected turn.
Image Needed 7 "Like a Bad Penny" Pierluigi D. Cothran Millicent Shelton April 7, 2014 2M6407 32
Bobby and Ann work to get Sue Ellen released from rehab. John Ross pushes ahead on his plans for control of Ewing Global, enlisting the help of one of J.R.’s last business partners. Meanwhile, secrets come to light as Emma discovers the lengths her father and grandmother have gone to control her. Elena decides what to do with a secret she’s discovered and her brother, Drew (guest star Kuno Becker), returns to Dallas, which leads to a surprising showdown.
Image Needed 8 "Where There's Smoke" Cynthia Cidre & Robert Rovne Michael M. Robin April 14, 2014 2M6408 33
The crushing reality of John Ross's affair with Emma hits home as Pamela views the video sent by Nicolas. As water seeps from the bathroom at Southfork Ann and Sue Ellen find Pamela sitting on the floor with the bath overflowing, which quickly spirals into an admission from Sue Ellen and Ann that they knew of the affair for some time, but did not want to tell Pamela as it would hurt her. With Bobby finding out the revelations, he demands that Emma leave Southfork, as the spotlight is wrongly turned on her for sending the video to Pamela. Elsewhere Christopher and Heather panic when Bo collects his son from school and goes missing, although they are later found having a father and son moment at the rodeo after Bo has assaulted five policemen and escaped vowing revenge on the Ewings; it acts to bring Christoper and Heather even closer. John Ross goes to visit Candice and realizes that Harris Ryland has been pulling her strings and paying her to set him up, along with the visit to the brothel where he was pictured with the two young girls. John Ross offers Candice a way of keeping her nice lifestyle but only if she turns the tables on Harris Ryland and gets the information John Ross needs. Following his visit to Candice he goes to the brothel to meet Judith Ryland where the game heats up and cards are put on the table with each vowing to protect their family, only John Ross doesn't realize Emma was hiding in the background listening to the whole conversation and her realizing that he only wants her for his use of Ryland Transport. Drew Ramos remains in the shadows, threatening the ruin of plans with his bullish ways to get his new found revenge on the Ewings, which causes Nicolas to contact the Cartel in order to stop Drew. Sinister relationships grow closer between Harris and Ann following the affair exposure and between Elena and Nicolas as he tries everything to keep things on target for the companies public offering, lowering himself to piercing Elena's contraceptive coil with a needle, and then having sex with her. Pamela's initial reaction when she catches John Ross and Emma in the act at a hotel was of hurt and anger. However, she takes her coat off to reveal the same lingerie Emma is wearing, and then encourages both Emma and John Ross to join her in a threesome. During their encounter Pamela begins to fit and loses consciousness, with John Ross discovering that Pamela has taken an overdose. Sue Ellen returns to the bottle because of all of the stress of the affair and collapses at Southfork, with the camera cutting to an angry Bo driving to the ranch, with security now gone that Emma has moved out. Next flames rip through the ranch as a fire breaks out. Bobby and Christopher rush inside to try to rescue anyone trapped, when the ceiling collapses on them, leaving them in mortal danger along with Sue Ellen who is still unconscious on the floor.
Image Needed 9 "Denial, Anger, Acceptance" Bruce Rasmussen Steve Robin August 18, 2014 2M6409 34
Right after Southfork is on fire, Pamela, Sue Ellen, and Bo have been hospitalized - an infuriated Bobby (and Sue Ellen) goes after John Ross and Emma where she is finally kicked out of the Ewing compound. Pamela, recovering from a drug overdose, reveals to John Ross that their marriage is over with despite his attempt of reconciliation after his affair with Emma (he ends his friendship with her at the same time). Drew is captured by the Mendez-Ochoa cartel, where Nicolas becomes complicit in Drew's execution after news of Sue Ellen who started the fire.
100px 10 "Dead Reckoning" Julia Cohen Anton Cooper August 25, 2014 2M6410 35
The episode opens up where Luis (Antonio Jaramillo) and Nicolas dispose of Drew Ramos's corpse on the oil field where his father committed suicide years ago. News of Drew's death would make Emma take charge of business after she reads the letter Drew wrote prior to setting Southfork on fire where she later meets with Luis (Antonio Jaramillo). John Ross initially is not on the waiting list to see Pamela but later sees her where their marriage is over, which John Ross later goes on an drinking binge. While in the hospital, Christopher consults with Heather that an experimental spinal cord treatment using stem cell technology is being conducted in Tel Aviv. The detective and fire investigator later concluded that Drew committed suicide where he was the prime suspect of setting the fire (the fire investigator revealed that Drew committed arson where he sprayed rocket fuel on a window curtain and used an IED to set the fire in the guise of a plug in air freshener). Elena showed her mom the deeds that J.R. switched (revealed in the previous episode Legacies) where it is later revealed that Carmen witnessed Bobby and Bum talking about J.R.'s letter. Elena has sex with John Ross and steals J.R.'s letter from John Ross's wallet.
Image Needed 11 "Hurt" Aaron Allen Patrick Duffy September 1, 2014 2M6411 36
After sharing the truth with her mother, Elena confronts the Ewings over J.R. taking her father's oil rich land and for framing Cliff for J.R.'s death. Sue Ellen, Pamela and Ann are shocked that Bobby headed J.R.'s master plan, realigning relationships and forcing Bobby to re-examine the steps he took in implementing J.R.'s master plan. Christopher reminds Elena how much she has changed. Sue Ellen confronts Bum about J.R.'s death and learns that Bum painted J.R.'s portrait that hangs in Ewing Global. Bobby agrees to reimburse Elena for her father's land, obtains a pardon for Cliff (Elena later hands the pardon document to Pamela prior to making a phone call to Cliff in Mexico), and sells her section 40 (the oil rich Southfork section Digger Barnes falsely accused Jock of stealing from him). Bobby warns Elena that by freeing Cliff she is restarting the Barnes-Ewing feud and the fallout from it is because of her. Meanwhile, Nicolas’s plan to takeover Ewing Global for the Cartel moves forward, setting the stage for a new battle. John Ross learns from Bum that Nicolas sent Pamela the video of John Ross and Emma having sex. Emma meets Luis about putting her father back in jail and her retaking control of Ryland Transport. Harris and Ann reveal to Emma that he is secretly working with the CIA against the Cartel. In front of Elena, John Ross reveals to Nicolas that Elena only obtained J.R.'s letter because she had sex with John Ross.
Image Needed 12 "Victims of Love" Taylor Hamra Ken Topolsky September 8, 2014 2M6412 37
As Ewing Global goes public, everyone tries to claim ownership. John Ross tries to bribe the man in charge of the IPO, Calvin Hannah who is removed from the IPO at the last minute. Hunter McKay buys all of the shares with money from the Mendez-Ochoa cartel on orders of Nicolas. Bobby visits an old friend named Tracey Lawton, who is Hunter's aunt in hopes of fixing everything. However when they arrive they find Hunter hanging in his home. Bobby and Christopher think the Mendez-Ochoa cartel is tying up loose ends to erase any trace of illegal activity in their takeover of Ewing Global. It's revealed that Cliff gave Nicolas 3% of Ewing Global and combined with the 48% they acquired gives them control of Ewing Global. Bobby, Christopher, and Pamela blame John Ross's greed for the loss but Bobby says the Ewings must work together in order to defeat their enemies. John Ross receives a message from J.R.'s business partners in the Middle East that he has failed to deliver the 48% of Ewing Global he promised them. Pamela must deal with the choice to either free her father or leave him in prison after receiving the land that Elena blackmailed Bobby for, the same land that caused the original blood feud between Jock and Digger. After showing him the deed to the land, which Cliff presumed his pardon, Pamela left him in prison saying his hatred of the Ewings was more important to him than his love for her and she also says she can never forgive him for blowing the Ewing rig knowing she was on board and killing her children. John Ross approaches the Rylands to make a deal and threatens to bring out their former prostitution Candace and expose their prostitution ring if they refuse. Judith refuses and leaves with Harris and Emma to a meeting with the Cartel. Judith tries to renegotiate Emma's deal with the Cartel saying she'll increase their drug shipments by 25% if they find and kill Candace before John Ross exposes their prostitution ring. Harris tries to get the CIA to help with his problems with the Cartel but his CIA handler says their goal is to have eyes on the mysterious leader of the Mendez-Ochoa cartel. Luis meets the leader of the Cartel and informs him they have taken control of Ewing Global but Luis is angry when told that Nicolas, who was mentored by the Cartel leader, will be running Ewing Global. The CIA handler tells Harris to renegotiate Emma's deal himself and that if the Rylands increase the Cartel's drug shipments to the U.S. the CIA will stop Ryland's trucks. Luis arrives at the Ryland mansion and reveals a case containing Candace's hands and tells the Rylands to increase their shipments by 50% or they will kill Emma and Ann, who are shown on video to have been kidnapped by Luis's men. John Ross meets Bum to get leverage on the Rylands to agree to his deal and Bum informs him that the flash drive John Ross copied from Harris was encrypted with software only readable from a CIA database. John Ross tells Bum to break the encryption and when the time is right he'll reveal the secrets on the flash drive.
Image Needed 13 "Boxed In" Gail Gilchriest Rodney Charters september 15, 2014 2M6413 38
Ann and Emma are taken to a Cartel house in Tamaulipas, Mexico. John Ross, Christopher, Bobby, Sue Ellen, and Harris meet the CIA. Harris informs his CIA handler that he is doubling the Mendez-Ochoa Cartel's drug shipments with or without the CIA's help. Harris also blames John Ross for the kidnapping because John Ross turned Emma against Harris. Harris reveals that the Cartel leader has been in hiding for the last 4 years and is a notorious Mexican war criminal known as El Posolero. John Ross tells Bobby the Cartel are businessmen and proposes making a counteroffer. Bobby agrees but tells John Ross to talk to him before making a deal. Ryland's trucks are stopped at the border and Luis performs a mock execution of Emma as a warning. John Ross tells Pamela about Ann and Emma being kidnapped and asks for her help in convincing J.R.'s business partner in the Middle East, Nasir, to loan him the money to buy Ewing Global's divisions that are being sold off in return for giving Nasir and his father a percentage in the Alaskan Arctic oil leases, that is only available to American companies. Pamela agrees but tells John Ross that she will stay married to him long enough to take everything from him. Pamela and John Ross meet with Nasir to make the deal where she takes the lead and Nassir agrees to talk to his father about the deal. Nassir tells John Ross he is lucky to have a wife like Pamela. Pamela informs John Ross that Nasir's father has agreed to their deal, and that she stands by what she had said to him earlier. Christopher meets Nicolas's wife Lucia and informs her that Nicolas and Elena are having an affair. She tells Nicolas that Christopher knows his real identity and his debt to the Cartel. It's revealed that Lucia hired the photographer that has been photographing Nicolas and Elena. Later after Lucia learns of Nicolas's affair with Elena, she again meets Christopher and agrees to help him find Nicolas. Nicolas confesses to Elena that after her family moved to Dallas he left the Mexican Catholic school and became a part of the street gang that became the Mendez-Ochoa Cartel. The leader, Ernest Mendez-Ochoa, saw potential in Nicolas's skills in numbers and mathematics and sent him to school in Europe. He made a deal that cost the Cartel $600million and they threatened his family if until he returned the money. Nicolas explains that the Cartel leader wants Nicolas to deliver enough money to buy the next Mexican presidential election and until then Nicolas, Elena, his sons, and wife are all in danger. Elena is angry that he used her to repay his debt to the Cartel. Bobby calls a U.S. Senator on the Senate Intelligence Committee for help in getting Ann and Emma back. He also meets with the Texas Railroad Commission to get an emergency drilling permit in South Texas as a cover for transporting the Cartel's drugs across the border via railroad. Bobby flies to Mexico and meets Luis about the new plan to transport the drugs. Harris and Judith thank Bobby for helping get Emma back. Bobby meets Luis and makes the railroad drug shipment deal. Luis agrees but only allows one hostage to go back with Bobby.
Image Needed 14 "Endgame" Bruce Rasmussen Millicent Shelton September 22, 2014 2M6414 39
Christopher scrambles to find Elena. The Cartel double crosses Bobby. John Ross risks all to attempt a rescue - Bum decodes the flash drive where John Ross locates a CIA contractor - he goes to the Tamaulipas hideout where Emma is held hostage. Nicolas tries to prove himself by leveraging a deal with the authorities, putting lives in jeopardy.
Image Needed 15 "Brave New World" Robert Royner Steve Robin September 22, 2014 2M6415 40
The cartel faces consequences as some lives are saved and some are lost. Pamela sleeps with Nasir as they plot to buy the remaining shares of Ewing Global. She was in the process of taking down the Ewing Global logo at the corporate headquarters until Bobby and Sue Ellen reveal that they will reclaim the shares after they meet the SEC. Pamela invokes the previous Ewing-Barnes feud (Digger and Jock, J.R. and Cliff) revealing the incarnation of a third generation feud. Bobby and Sue Ellen forge a new alliance - by regaining the shares of Ewing Global. Bobby resigns as the Texas Railroad Commissioner forcing John Ross to do the unthinkable - he aligns with Judith Ryland as she ends up as the new Texas Railroad Commissioner, benefiting John Ross's Arctic Leases deal. Elena grapples with a deep betrayal as she finds Drew's St. Christopher medal in Nicolas's travel bag. John Ross discovers a shocking secret about J.R. - he fathered a daughter out of wedlock who Bum is tracking down. Elena finds out that she is pregnant. As Christopher is waiting in his car, the car explodes and burns while Elena watches and screams.

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