Dallas 2012 series - Season 2

"Dallas" TnT series Season 2 DVD cover.

Series overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 10 Jun3 13, 2012 August 8, 2012
2 15 January 28, 2013 April 15, 2013
3 15 February 24, 2014 September 22, 2014

The second season of the 2012 reboot of the TNT series Dallas started on January 28, 2013.


Main cast/charactersEdit

Recurring cast/charactersEdit

Season 2 (2013)Edit

Season 2 episodes
Image Episode Title Written by Directed by Original Airdate Prod.code # in Series
Image Needed 1 "Battle Lines" Cynthia Cidre
& Robert Rovner
Michael M. Robin January 28, 2013 2M6151 11
Christopher seeks to gain the upper hand in his divorce from Rebecca Sutter, but a revelation turns everything on its head, causing the entire family to put their differences aside and rally together - except for John Ross, who uses J.R.'s dirty tricks to take revenge on Christopher and Elena. Meanwhile, Harris Ryland blackmails Ann, forcing her and Bobby to confront a shocking secret from her past.
Image Needed 2 "Venomous Creatures" Aaron Allen Steve Robin January 28, 2013 2M6152 12
Bobby discovers Ryland kidnapped Emma, raised her with his mother, and manipulated her into hating Ann. The real Rebecca wants Pamela to honor her part of their deal by revealing where Tommy is, but Pamela pays her extra to leave town. Christopher receives Tommy's cellphone, which contains two shocking voice messages. Rivalry brews between Frank and Pamela. John Ross and Pamela strike a deal and later sleep together
Image Needed 3 "Sins of the Father" Bruce Rasmussen Jesse Bochco February 4, 2013 2M6153 13
Evidence points to foul play in Tommy's disappearance. Christopher tries to connect Pamela to a crime. J.R. and John Ross try to poison one family member against another. Elena's brother Drew returns to Southfork to finish what their father started and drill for oil in their family's land. Ann reaches her breaking point with Ryland and exacts revenge in a deadly way.
Image Needed 4 "False Confessions" Taylor Hamra Stephen Herek February 11, 2013 2M6154 14
Dallas Police arrive at Southfork and Bobby confesses to shooting Ryland to protect Ann. Drew fires Elena's drilling foreman after it is discovered that he drilled at the wrong angle. Tommy Sutter's corpse turns up and Pamela is named as a person of interest in a Dallas P.D. homicide investigation. However, it is Frank who is arrested for the crime. He pleads guilty in court, then swallows what appears to be a cyanide pill at his arraignment. John Ross meets Cliff Barnes.
Image Needed 5 "Trial and Error" John Whelpley Millicent Shelton February 18, 2013 2M6155 15
Ann confesses to shooting Ryland and presents evidence to the police, and a month later goes to trial. Sue Ellen asks J.R. to forgive John Ross for betraying him to Cliff Barnes. Drew is arrested for transporting stolen goods, albeit unknowingly. Ann is found guilty of attempted murder. In the courthouse, Bobby is met by Vicente Cano who is facing an extradition hearing. Christopher decides to change his tactics with regard to Pamela.
Image Needed 6 "Blame Game" Gail Gilchriest Jesse Bochco February 25, 2013 2M6156 16
John Ross tries to persuade his mother to join him in his bid to take over Ewing Energies, which puts her at odds with Elena. Christopher makes a shocking discovery that could transform the fate of the company. J.R. fools Bobby. Ann gets probation. Emma is conflicted about her feelings for her mother. The Ewings unite against Vicente when he holds the family hostage and tries to get away with Christopher's methane clathrate patent.
Image Needed 7 "The Furious and the Fast" Julia Cohen Rodney Charters March 4, 2013 2M6157 17
J.R. is in Abu Dhabi securing oil leases. Bobby decides to fight Sue Ellen and John Ross to regain control of Ewing Energies with the help of his brother Gary. Ryland and his mother try to force Emma's hand and send her back to England. Elena decides to go into business with Drew. Pamela delays her decision on who she will align herself with until Christopher can test his methane-powered car, as he is trying to win a fuel services contract with the city with the help of former NASCAR driver Ricky Rudd. John Ross' phone call with J.R. is interrupted by two gunshots on the other end.
Image Needed 8 "J.R.'s Masterpiece" Cynthia Cidre Michael M. Robin March 11, 2013 2M6158 18
Ray, Gary, and Lucy return to Dallas, and friends and foes alike gather for J.R.'s memorial at the Dallas Petroleum Club which is disrupted by Cliff Barnes. Later, at the funeral at Southfork, each family member speaks their farewell to J.R. Sue Ellen admits to turning back to the bottle after spending the night in J.R.'s old room and then reads the final letter that J.R. wrote to her. Meanwhile, John Ross is looking for answers about J.R.'s death and what he was doing in Mexico. Bobby lashes out at Ann about her keeping secrets from him. Bum appears after the funeral service with a box containing items for Christopher, John Ross and Bobby.
Image Needed 9 "Ewings Unite!" Steve Robin Bruce Rasmussen March 18, 2013 2M5159 19
J.R.'s will is read and half his mineral rights are left to Sue Ellen. Also, a letter from Miss Ellie, directed to be opened after J.R.'s death, expresses her wish that Bobby give John Ross a half-share of Southfork. Bobby sells the plot of land formerly belonging to the Ramos family back to Elena and Drew. Bobby, Christopher and John Ross meet to discuss J.R.'s "Masterpiece". Valene makes a surprise return to Dallas at the behest of Sue Ellen. Harris Ryland and Cliff Barnes join forces and swear vengeance on the Ewings. Drew is blackmailed into sabotaging Christopher's offshore methane rig. The head of DCT is caught in a compromising position with John Ross after Barnes Global undercuts Christopher on the bid for the fuel services contract with the city, placing her political future in serious jeopardy. Christopher then blackmails her into giving him another chance at the contract. While Christopher is giving a tour of the rig, an incendiary device triggers an explosion, which could jeopardize his chances at the contract.
Image Needed 10 "Guilt & Innocence" Jesse Bochco Robert Rovner March 25, 2013 2M6160 20
In the aftermath of the explosion aboard Christopher's rig, most suffer only cuts and bruises, but Pamela and her babies are left fighting for their lives. At the hospital, Pamela makes Christopher promise that the babies will be saved if her life ends up hanging in the balance. Bobby forgives Ann for her deception regarding Emma. Harris Ryland's mother suffers a broken leg after falling down the stairs at the Ryland mansion. She then tries to create a divide between Emma and Harris. Pamela's mother, Afton Cooper, makes a surprise return to Dallas and blames Christopher for what happened on the rig. An initial investigation places the blame on Christopher. Pamela miscarries her and Christopher's babies. Drew and Emma become closer and she talks him out of leaving town. Ken Richards (Lee Majors), an old flame, re-enters Sue Ellen's life. John Ross and Sue Ellen agree with Bobby that the family needs to present a united front in figuring out what happened on the rig. Bobby receives news on the possible whereabouts of his ex-wife Pam.
Image Needed 11 "Let Me In" Aaron Allen Millicent Shelton April 1, 2013 2M6161 21
The T.E.S.H.A. investigation concludes and heavy fines are levied against the Ewings. Christopher is furious and confronts Ken Richards in a bar. John Ross goes to Pamela's condo to check on her and finds her in a drug-induced stupor. Drew is starting to have an attack of conscience about what happened on the rig. He makes a date with Emma but doesn't show because he is beaten up by Harris Ryland's thugs. Elena finds Drew at their drilling site and he tells her that Ryland had him beaten up, but he swears her to secrecy. Carlos Del Sol reveals that J.R. had Harris Ryland linked to narcotics trafficking. Sue Ellen gives Richards an ultimatum, telling him to choose a side. Later, she receives a list of Governor McConaughey's contributors showing Harris Ryland as one of the biggest. John Ross copies Rebecca Wentworth's will from Pamela's computer, and it reveals that one-third of Barnes Global would go to Christopher if his mother Pamela does not turn up. The Henderson land (where Elena was drilling) is seized by the state in the process of Eminent Domain.
Image Needed 12 ?A Call to Arms" Gail Gilchriest & Julia Cohen Ken Topolsky April 8, 2013 2M6162 22
As Ewing Energies is on the verge of collapse at the hands of Harris Ryland and Cliff Barnes, the Ewings fight back with "J.R.'s Masterpiece". Ann finds drugs in Emma's dresser drawer, and Emma and Sue Ellen offer conflicting accounts to Ann about what happened when Sue Ellen saw Emma in a bar. After seeing what her father did to Drew, Emma decides to end her relationship with Drew and then obtains prescription painkillers from a Southfork ranch-hand in exchange for sexual favors. Sheriff Derrick keeps an eye on Harris Ryland's trucks as a favor to Bobby. After finding out that her father was responsible for the death of her babies, Pamela has to choose where to place her loyalties. Christopher closes in on the search for his mother, Pam Ewing.
Image Needed 13 "Love & Family" John Whelpley Randy Zisk April 8, 2013 2M6163 23
Pamela allies herself with John Ross, but Christopher's doubts about her make him question her true allegiance. Pamela demands and gets one-third of Barnes Global from her father and then she marries John Ross. Drew shares a startling secret powerful enough to destroy Pamela's relationship with Christopher and then becomes a fugitive from justice. Elena goes to Bobby about Drew's role in the sabotage of the Ewing methane rig. Christopher and Elena head off to Zurich, Switzerland to try and find his mother. The conflict between Cliff Barnes and Bobby escalates, and Bobby tries to get help from his ex-wife Pam. Emma spirals deeper into drug addiction and she is pulled over for driving under the influence and hauled off to jail. Cliff arrives to take possession of Ewing Energies, but is reminded by Bobby that the battle is not over yet.
Image Needed 14 "Guilt by Association" Taylor Hamra Jesse Bochco April 15, 2013 2M6164 24
In Zurich, Switzerland, Christopher and Elena continue the search for Christopher's mother, Pam, which leads to Christopher discovering Pam's husband, who tells him that Pam never wants to see Christopher again. Christopher finds out about Elena's contact with Drew and angrily tells her to leave. Sue Ellen tracks down Ken Richards and demands that he get proof of the governor's involvement with the TESHA cover-up. John Ross and Pamela discover that Cliff's plane was in Nuevo Laredo the night JR was killed, convincing John Ross that Cliff killed J.R. Drew sets a trap for Roy Vikars who ends up being arrested for possession of narcotics. Bobby decides to put the last part of "J.R.'s Masterpiece" in motion.
Image Needed 15 "Legacies" Cynthia Cidre & Robert Royner Stever Robin April 15, 2013 2M6165 25
J.R.'s body is exhumed, and two shell casings are removed from his chest cavity. Evidence is planted by the Ewings to frame Cliff for JR's murder, and Cliff is arrested in Nuevo Laredo. Harris Ryland is arrested in Dallas on drugs charges. Cliff reveals to Elena that years back JR had switched land deeds to cheat Elena's father out of oil-rich land while the Ewings made millions of dollars. Elena seeks help to avenge her father from someone from her past. When Cliff is arrested, Christopher tells him that he has inherited his mother's share of Barnes Global, and with John Ross and Pamela also owning one-third of Barnes Global, that means that Cliff is now the minority shareholder in his own company. Bum reveals that, with JR having only a few days left to live, due to cancer, he shot JR, because JR asked him to do it.

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