Dallas 2012 series - Season 1

TNT series "Dallas" Season 1 DVD cover.

The first season of the 2012 reboot of Dallas is made up of 10 episodes. Which first air on June 13, 2012 until August 8, 2012.

Series overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 10 Jun3 13, 2012 August 8, 2012
2 15 January 28, 2013 April 15, 2013
3 15 February 24, 2014 September 22, 2014




Episodes (2012)Edit

Season 1 episodes
Image Ep # Title Writer Director Airdate Prod. code # in Series
Art-of-tnts-dallas-changing-of-the-guard-2012 1 "Changing of the Guard" Cynthia Cidre Michael M. Robin June 13, 2012 296021 1
At Southfork Ranch, the family gathers for the wedding of Christopher Ewing, adopted son of Bobby Ewing. A past rivalry between Bobby and J.R. crosses to the next generation of Ewing men – Christopher and John Ross – which tempts Bobby to sell Southfork. Bobby discovers he has cancer and hides it from his family but Anne finds out after stumbling upon his medication. Elena's feelings for Christopher return. Both Christopher and John Ross begin working on different energy projects.
Critique-tnts-dallas-episode-2-hedging-your-bets-2 2 "Hedging Your Bets" Cynthia Cidre Michael M. Robin June 13, 2012 2M5801 2
Christopher and Elena have to bury feelings to work together. J.R. uncovers John Ross' plan. Bobby and Ann deal with the news about his cancer. Elena and John Ross break up after she thinks he sent the email that broke up Christopher and her. Christopher's bride Rebecca and her brother Tommy are secretly using the Ewings for their money.
Paandboy 3 "The Price You Pay" Bruce Rasmussen Michael M. Robin June 20, 2012 2M5802 3
John Ross wants to impress his father. J.R. decides to move back to Southfork. Cliff Barnes comes back and tries to connect with his nephew. Rebecca has trouble betraying Christopher. Christopher and Elena kiss after Christopher finds out Bobby has cancer. Bobby and Ann get more bad news about his cancer. In the end, John Ross finds out that Rebecca sent Elena the email that destroyed Elena's relationship with Christopher.
JohnRossRebecca 4 "The Last Hurrah" Taylor Hamra Marc Roskin June 27, 2012 2M5803 4
Bobby and Ann plan a last barbecue at Southfork before moving. John Ross blackmails Rebecca into completing a difficult task for him. Christopher opens up to Bobby about his difficulty choosing between Elena and Rebecca. J.R. plans on cutting John Ross out of their deal, while Sue Ellen meets with Cliff Barnes, much to J.R.'s disapproval.
Dallas 2012-s01e05-Truth-and-Consequences - J.R. talks with John Ross 5 "Truth and Consequences" Robert Rovner Randy Zisk July 4, 2012 2M5804 5
Rebecca tells Christopher that Tommy sent the email to Elena. Christopher doesn't want to see Rebecca, so she tries to make peace with Ann first. Elena and John Ross reunite when he swears he had nothing to do with the deed. Bobby and Ann are trying to overrule the deed by proving that J.R. was part of it. J.R. leaves town and puts his son in charge. Christopher uses a sex tape to blackmail John Ross into helping get Southfork back. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones makes a cameo appearance as himself.
Dallas 2012 episode 1x6 - Bobby threatens Harris 6 "The Enemy of My Enemy" Gail Gilchriest Jesse Bochco July 11, 2012 2M5805 6
Bobby and Christopher find a way to stop the drilling of oil on Southfork, thanks to Rebecca. Ann receives a heartbreaking present from her ex, which drives Bobby to the edge. J.R. tries to get into Cliff Barnes' poker game. John Ross enlists the help of Sue Ellen. John Ross receives a surprise from Veronica, which makes him fear for Elena's safety. Rebecca finds out some life-changing news.
Dallas episode 1x7-Collateral-Damage 7 "Collateral Damage" Aaron Allen Steve Robin July 18, 2012 2M5806 7
Bobby is arrested for assaulting Harris Ryland, who later asks for an apology. Christopher demands a paternity test when Elena tells him that Rebecca is pregnant. Ann is hiding a secret from Bobby. Sue Ellen tells Elena to pick a side. J.R discovers news about Cliff's driver, Frank. After Veronica becomes an increasing threat, John Ross sells her out to Vicente, resulting in her death. He is later arrested for her murder.
Josh-Henderson-Dallas-No-Good-Deed 8 "No Good Deed" Julia Cohen Michael Katleman July 25, 2012 2M5807 8
Christopher has a background check performed on Rebecca. John Ross is beaten up by Vicente's men in prison and is sent to the hospital. To help John Ross, Sue Ellen bribes the medical examiner, which may cause trouble. J.R. visits John Ross while he sleeps. Christopher makes a deal with Vicente over his project. Rebecca is brought back into Tommy's plans when Tommy threatens to tell Christopher that he is not Rebecca's brother, and maybe more.
John Ross Chris Elena 9 "Family Business" Bruce Rasmussen Steve Robin August 1, 2012 2M5808 9
J.R. returns to Southfork after John Ross is released. Bobby is incapacitated by a cerebral aneurysm. Sue Ellen's campaign for Governor of Texas is placed in serious jeopardy when Harris Ryland finds out she bribed the medical examiner to help John Ross. Frank Ashkani is revealed to be the man behind Tommy's plans to steal technology from Christopher. Christopher and John Ross seemingly decide to bury the hatchet and go into business together, forming Ewing Energies with Bobby and Elena as their partners. Lou has information on faux Marta. Rebecca and Tommy have a confrontation.
Image Needed 10 Revelations Story by:
Cynthia Cidre & Robert Rovner
Teleplay by: Robert Rovner
Michael M. Robin August 8, 2012 2M5809 10
Bobby is released from the hospital after a close call, and plots with Christopher, J.R. and John Ross to stop Vicente. Meanwhile, John Ross proposes to Elena. Rebecca gets help disposing of Tommy's body, and starts fresh with Christopher. Ann comes up with a plan to stop Harris Ryland from blackmailing Sue Ellen. Elena and Christopher break up with, respectively, John Ross and Rebecca, after finding out that they lied, and later Christopher and Elena reunite. Rebecca is revealed to be Cliff Barnes' daughter, Pamela Rebecca, who is working with him to destroy the Ewings. A hell-bent John Ross teams up with J.R. against Christopher and Elena.

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