Allen Case as Martin Cole
Allen Case as Martin Cole
Martin Cole
Occupation: Politician, Dallas City Councilman
About: Glady accepts corporate backing from Ewing Oil in his campaign for a seat on the Texas State Assembly, where Cliff Barnes is running against him
Played by: Allen Case (in guest appearance)
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: "Election" in Season 2

Councilman Martin Cole is a character who appears in the Season 2 episode of the original Dallas TV series titled "Election". The part of PEter is played in the episode by Allen Case.

About Councilman ColeEdit

When Cliff Barnes decides, in his crusade against corporate corruption, namely in corporations such as Ewing Oil (ever more namely, against nemisis J.R. and his cronies in The Oil Cartel, to run for an office position the Texas State Assembly, he swears to keep his own campaign free of any possible corrupt influences, namely any contributions from big business.

J.R. and Jock, knowing that Cliff's possible election to the Assembly seat could mean really big trouble for Ewing Oil, is able to inflence, and beging financially backing Cole, a Dallas city Councilman, and a friend of theirs, to run against Cilff, as he glady accepts the Ewings's financial "help".

Martin, who seems to support the right platforms (pro-guns, anti-abortion) and connections (he was married to outgoing Senator "Wild Bill" Orloff’s niece Nancy) but the wrong personality – which is, to possibly say, is more like J.R.'s, which appeals to J.R. and Jock!

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