Collateral Damage was the seventh episode of the TNT series Dallas. Written by Aaron Allen, the episode, which was directed by Steve Robin, made its premiere on July 18, 2012.

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Bobby is arrested for assaulting Harris Ryland, who later asks for an apology. Christopher demands a paternity test when Elena tells him that Rebecca is pregnant. Ann is hiding a secret from Bobby. Sue Ellen tells Elena to pick a side. J.R discovers news about Cliff's driver, Frank. After Veronica becomes an increasing threat, John Ross sells her out to Vicente, resulting in her death. He is later arrested for her murder.


Christopher suspects another ploy and demands a paternity test when told, after Elena guessed, that Rebecca is pregnant. Desperate for oil he can't drill on Southfork but already sold to ruthless Venezuelans, John Ross tries in vain to win Ray's vote trough Lucy. Sue Ellen forces Elena to help him out temporarily during an extension which Vicente Cano grants after John Ross betrays Veronica, the false Martha, who admitted having stolen from them while offering in vain to team up with John Ross in bed and business again. Threatened with a nasty lawsuit, Bobby grudgingly apologizes to Ann's ex Harris Ryland for slapping him as 'wife-stalker', is handed a file on her darkest secret but burns it unread before her eyes. Bum's research suggest to J.R. Cliff's ambitious, quasi-adopted Pakistani 'driver', in fact chief henchman with a Harvard degree, may be his arch-rival's Achilles heel.

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