Clayton Farlow (Deceased)
Occupation: Oil magnate
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Amy Farlow (deceased);
Miss Ellie Ewing (1984-1999)
Other Relationships: Miss Ellie Ewing (dated in 1920s-30s)
Sibling(s): Lady Jessica Farlow Montford (sister)
Children: Dusty Farlow (adoptive son/nephew)
Other relatives: J.R. Ewing (stepson)
Gary Ewing (stepson)
Bobby Ewing (stepson)
Atticus Ward (deceased. brother in-law, killed by Jessica)
Played by: Howard Keel

Clayton Farlow was the uncle/adoptive father of Dusty Farlow and in later years, the husband of Miss Ellie Ewing.

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Clayton Farlow, along with his sister Jessica, were raised on the Southern Cross Ranch (Co-ordinates: 32°43'N 96°30'W[1]) in San Angelo, Texas. Clayton and Jessica's father was described as a "big man that liked the oil business, but ranching was his real love". Clayton's father took him to his first cattle auction when he was six years old and began teaching him ranching and the oil business. Like his father, Clayton became a successful oilman and rancher. Jessica was wild in her teenage years and developed a serious violent mental condition. She gave birth to a son Steven "Dusty" Farlow in London, England. Clayton and his new wife, Amy, became Steven's legal parents when they listed themselves on Steven's birth certificate, while Jessica married an English lord and remained in England. Clayton and Amy returned to Texas with Steven. Jessica, thinking Amy wanted to replace her as Steven's mother, set the house on fire while Amy was sick in bed - and Clayton was in Galveston on business with his oil refineries. Clayton returned home too late to save Amy. Steven, who was nicknamed Dusty, showed no interest in the oil business or the ranch, choosing instead to become a rodeo star. Steven (Dusty) Farlow met Sue Ellen Ewing at the Ewing Rodeo, and they soon began an affair. When Dusty was on a private flight to Fort Worth to meet Sue Ellen, his plane crashed. He survived and recovered at a home in Denton.


Clayton's first wife Amy was killed in a fire that his mentally unstable sister, Jessica set, when she feared that Amy was trying to mother her son, Dusty Farlow.

Clayton met his later wife, Miss Ellie Ewing, in the early 80s when her daughter-in-law, Sue Ellen Ewing moved to San Angelo to get away from her estranged husband J.R. Ewing (Ellie's son). They began a business relationship but eventually fell in love, two years after her husband Jock Ewing died in a helicopter crash.

Before the wedding, his sister Jessica found Miss Ellie and tried to kidnap her, conspiring with J.R. but she was saved and the marriage was on.


In the new Dallas series, It is revealed that Clayton died in 1999 after a heart attack. Miss Ellie died 2 years later.


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