Christopher Ewing
Occupation: Partner in Ewing Global (deceased)
Marital status: Single
Spouse(s): Rebecca Ewing (2012-2013; annulled)
Other Relationships: Elena Ramos (ex-fiancée)
Parent(s): Kristin Shepard (biological mother)
Jeff Farraday (biological father)
Pamela Barnes Ewing (adoptive mother)
Bobby Ewing (adoptive father)
Sibling(s): Lucas Krebbs (adoptive half-brother)
Children: Unnamed Son (miscarriage)

Unnamed Daughter (miscarriage)

Other relatives: J.R. Ewing (uncle, deceased)
Sue Ellen Ewing (aunt)
John Ross Ewing III (cousin)
Cliff Barnes (adoptive uncle and ex-father-in-law)
Rebecca Ewing (adoptive cousin; ex-wife)
Digger Barnes (adoptive grandfather)
Rebecca Wentworth (adoptive grandmother)
Katherine Wentworth (adoptive aunt)
Lisa Alden (Biological Aunt)
and all the Ewing relatives (adopted)
Played by: Jesse Metcalfe (2012-)
Chris Demetral (1996)
Joshua Harris (1985-1991)
Eric Farlow (1982-1985)
Unknown infant actors (1981)
Christopher Ewing was the adopted son of Pamela Barnes Ewing and Bobby Ewing. His biological parents were Jeff Farraday and Kristin Shepard, the sister-in-law of J.R. Ewing, who J. R. had also had an affair with. He was born on June 8, 1981.

Ever since childhood, Christopher was keenly aware that he was adopted, and his cousin John Ross was always eager to remind him that he wasn't a "real Ewing." Growing up, he was the softer temperament to that of John Ross, who frequently used Christopher as a scapegoat for his shenanigans.

Together with Elena, the cousins were best friends during their formative years before John Ross left for Europe. Christopher worked hard and aimed to make the Ewing name great again, all while harboring insecurities about his place in the family. Christopher later fell deeply in love with Elena and proposed to her. But when Elena broke off their engagement the day of their wedding, a heartbroken Christopher fled to Asia to research alternative energies.

While overseas, he fell in love with the beautiful Rebecca Sutter who was traveling after completing her law degree. Now, the pair were engaged and returning to Southfork to plan their wedding, with Christopher, determined to make a name for himself in the alternative fuel industry without the financial favors of his father. With his big break hopefully around the corner, Christopher was determined to put the family name back on the map and prove himself truly an Ewing.

It is assumed (since the show was cancelled) that Christopher was killed on September 22, 2014, in a car bombing.