Charlotte as a young child (Laurie Lynn Myers, on left), then as a teen (Shalane McCall, right)
Charlotte Wade
Occupation: Unknown
Marital status: Single, presumably
Spouse(s): Unknown
Other Relationships: Randy
Parent(s): Renaldo Marchetta & Jenna Wade
Sibling(s): Lucas Krebbs (half-brother)
Margaret Krebbs (step-sister)
Children: Unknown
Other relatives: Ray Krebbs (step-father)
Played by: Laurie Lynn Myers
Shalane McCall
Appears on: Dallas (first series)

Charlotte "Charlie" Wade is the daughter of Jenna Wade and her first husband Renaldo Marchetta †. On the CBS-TV series Dallas, she is played by both Laurie Lynn Myers and Shalane McCall.

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