Melinda Fee as Cathy Baker
Cathy Baker (Melinda O. Fee), the caring nurse for Garrison Soutworth, Miss Ellie's long-lost brother, appears in the Season 2 episode of the CBS-Tv series "Dalla" titled "Home Again".
Cathy Baker
Occupation: Home Nurse and Physical Therapist
About: Gets offended by J.R. Ewing when he questions her motives in accompanying Garrison Southworth, Miss Ellie's brother, who's dying rrom cancer
Played by: Melinda O. Fee
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: "Home Again" in Season 2

Cathy Baker, the nurse to Garrison Southworth. Miss Ellie's brother, appears in the Season 2 episode of the original Dallas TV series titled "Home Again". The part of Cathy is played in the episode by Melinda O. Fee.

About CathyEdit

When Garrison, Miss Ellie's long-lost brother, whom she presumed was dead, decides to return to Southfork to spend his final days there, J.R became suspicious of Garrison's sudden reappearance, and believed he wanted the ranch back, and that Cathy was Garrison's mistress, who only wanted money. The next day J.R tries to pry Cathy, who influenced Garrison, who had spent many years living in Europe, to return there to Southfork, for information and voices his suspicions over her accompanying him to Southfork, as she becomes offended at him for voicing his suspicions of she and her patient.

Bobby and his wife Pamela go round to Garrison's home, to find out from Cathy about Garrison dying, and Bobby tells Ellie. Ellie goes to see Garrison and he admits he only has a short time to live. When Ellie tells the rest of the family the truth about Garrison and Cathy's care for him, Garrison is allowed to spend his last moments on the ranch.