Carmen Ramos
Occupation: Southfork's Cook
Marital status: Widow
Spouse(s): Unnamed husband (deceased)
Other Relationships: none
Parent(s): Unknown
Sibling(s): Unknown
Children: Elena Ramos
Andres Ramos
Other relatives: Unknown
Played by: Marlene Forte
Appears on: Dallas (second series)

Carmen Ramos is a character who appears in the TNT series Dallas, the continuation of the original CBS-TV Dallas series. The part of Carmen is played on the series by Marlene Forte.

About CarmenEdit

Carmen is Southfork's loyal cook and Elena Ramos's mother. She has worked in Southfork since John Ross and Christopher were little boys. Carmen loves both of them if they were her own children, but doesn't like the way John Ross turned out to be and therefore disapproves of his relationship with Elena. Now, even they are grownups, Carmen keeps taking care of them like when they were children. Carmen is extremely loyal to Bobby and Ann, and dislikes JR and Rebecca.