Cally Harper
Occupation: Waitress
Marital status: Married to J.R. Ewing (1988-1990)
Spouse(s): J.R. Ewing (1988-1991)
Other Relationships: a boyfriend after her divorce
Parent(s): Unknown
Sibling(s): Boaz Harper (brother)
Japhet Harper (brother)
Children: Son (with J.R. Ewing)
John Ross Ewing III (former step-son)
Other relatives: Simms (cousin)
Played by: Cathy Podewell
Appears on: Dallas (first series)

Cally Harper is the second wife of J.R. Ewing who appeared on the original Dallas TV series on CBS from 1988-1991. Played by Cathy Podewell.[1] Cally was the second wife of J.R. Ewing.[2] Podewell reprised her role as Cally Harper for J.R.'s funeral episode in the second season of the new Dallas TV series in 2013.[3]

About CallyEdit

Cally is a waitress at a hotel in Hayleyville, Arkansas. J.R. meets her while on a hunting trip with his brother Bobby and their sons. J.R. gets Cally into bed, but when J.R. is discovered by her crazed brothers he is arrested and convicted for rape. After Cally's brothers break J.R. out of prison, Cally lies that she is pregnant, and her brothers force J.R. into a shotgun wedding. J.R. eventually escapes from Hayleyville and returns to Dallas, but Cally follows him. She intends to make their marriage work, but finds that J.R. wants nothing to do with her.

Much to John Ross Ewing III's disapproval. Her and John Ross Ewing III grew closer. During her marriage to J.R. she becomes an artist developing a Grandma Moses-style of painting, this ability was encouraged by Miss Ellie and Lucy. She has a child toward the end of the marriage, but does not want J.R. involved.

In the episode "Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out," it was revealed that Cally had given birth to a son. J.R. finds Cally with the child in Florida with the help of his private detective, but when he watches Cally with the baby from afar and sees her with another man, he realizes how happy she is, and decides not to bother her. He makes ones of the hardest decisions of his life and lets his youngest child go. She was very close to her stepson John Ross Ewing III

Cally returned to Dallas in 2013, in the Season 2 episode of the TNT series Dallas for J.R.'s funeral at Southfork in the episode "J.R.'s Masterpiece".


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