Bypass is the fourth episode of Season 2 of the CBS-TV series Dallas, also the ninth overall series episode. Written by Corey Allen and directed by Arthur Bernard Lewis, the episode originally aired on CBS-TV on October 14, 1978.


The cardiac crisis of Ewing partriarch Jock brings some perspective to the megabuck ways of the Ewings. But J.R.'s heart remains as stony as ever as he manipulates events to his favor at Ewing Oil.


Infuriated by Bobby getting stonewalled by his brother, JR, Jock confronts JR about it and suffers a heart attack during the process. While Bobby fills in at the ranch, JR takes it upon himself to make a deal under the table that involves Section 40 of Southfork and doing something he knows will only upset his father.

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  • Sue Ellen: [having just learned Jock has had a seizure] I thought it was you, J.R.
  • J.R.: Hoping, you mean.

  • Jock: [Bobby finds it difficult to work with J.R.] You demand your rightful share.
  • Bobby: Look, I can go into the office every day and punch him out, but I don't want to live that way!

  • Bobby: [about Willie Joe and Jeb] They wouldn't even go to their own mother's funeral unless they thought the undertaker was gonna strike oil and their daddy'd get sick and they'd come right in!

  • Sue Ellen: [to Pam] You have a disgusting mouth.

  • Miss Ellie: God bless her [Spekaing of sue Ellen]
  • Miss Ellie: Neither she nor J.R. lack for ambition.

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