Barnes-Wentworth Oil
Barnes Wentworth
fictional Barnes Global corporate logo concept
Company type:
Dallas, Texas U.S.
Key people:
  • Oil
  • Original owners:
    Kesey Services
  • Barnes-Wentworth #1 (formerly Ewing #1)
  • Fate
    Partially sold to Jeremy Wendell, with Cliff still with controlling shares; diversified into Barnes Global (1987)

    Barnes-Wentworth Oil, formerly Wade Luce Oil, is a fictional oil company from the television series Dallas.

    By 2012, on the TNT series Dallas, through several corporate mergers, the company was known as Barnes Global.

    In 1982, Rebecca Wentworth bought the Wade Luce Oil company from retiring oilman Wade Luce in an effort to help her son, Cliff Barnes, fight J.R. Ewing and Ewing Oil. Rebecca was killed in a plane crash in 1983. She split up the company between Cliff, Pam, and Katherine according to continuation. When Katherine died, she gave her shares to Cliff.

    Cliff hired Sly Lovegreen to spy at Ewing Oil as J.R.'s secretary. She fed him information on pending deals at Ewing Oil, and Cliff managed to pull several profitable deals out from under him. J.R. eventually discovered the plot and turned the tables on Cliff feeding him useless information and nearly bankrupting Barnes-Wentworth.

    Cliff later sold Barnes-Wentworth to Jeremy Wendell, but in the continuation, the controlling interest in the company was still owned by Cliff, who diversified the company and it became a multibillion-dollar conglomerate called Barnes Global.


    Barnes/Wentworth Oil SharesEdit

    • Corporate Shares (after death of Rebecca Wentworth):

    Cliff Barnes: 33%
    Pamela Barnes Ewing: 33%
    Katherine Wentworth 33%

    • Barnes-Wentworth Shares After Death of Katherine Wentworth:

    Cliff Barnes: 66% Pamela Barnes Ewing: 33%

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