Art Hindle
Art Hindle in recent photo
Art Hindle
General Information
Birth Name: Arthur Hindle
Born: (1948-07-21) July 21, 1948 (age 69)
Birthplace: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 1971-present
Appeared on/in
(or involved with):
Dallas (first series)
Appeared as: Jeff Farraday (11 episodes)

Art Hindle (born July 21, 1948( played the recurring part of Jeff Farraday, the sleazy drug-dealer boyfriend of Kristin Shepard in 11 episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas during its fifth season.


Art has made guest appearances in a long list of television programs in North America, and has also appeared in several movies, dating from 1971. His first major role was in a biker movie, The Proud Rider, spawned by the popularity of Easy Rider. Hindle worked with a real motorcycle gang, "Satan's Choice of Oshawa". It was during the making of this that Art almost changed his professional name to Jeremy Kane. The producers thought that Art should have a more showbiz-sounding name. He chose Jeremy Kane (Kane in honor of his uncle), and even though he reverted to his birth name due to urging from his uncle, his "Jeremy Kane" pseudonym is still connected to the film.

In 1971, he was cast as Billy Duke in the film Face-Off. This film led to offers from Hollywood which he resisted until work dried up and Hindle, who had four children by this time, finally moved to Los Angeles in 1974. He had a supporting role in the Canadian horror film Black Christmas in 1974. He had a small role in the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. His biggest role was his part in Porky's.

From the early 1990s, Art has also worked as a director. He stars in and directs the popular series Paradise Falls showing on cable stations in the USA and on the Showcase channel in Canada.

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