April Stevens Ewing
Occupation: Shareholder in Ewing Oil
Shareholder in WestStar Oil
Owner of April Oil
Marital status: Married to Bobby Ewing (1990)
Spouse(s): Jack Ewing (early 70's)
Bobby Ewing (1990)
Other Relationships: J.R. Ewing
Cliff Barnes
Parent(s): Amy Stevens (mother)
Father, deceased
Sibling(s): Michelle Stevens
Children: Christopher Ewing (step-son)
Played by: Sheree J. Wilson
April Ewing (née Stevens) is a smart femme fatale who hopes to get some of the Ewing fortune. She marries Bobby Ewing but dies in his arms when she is shot and killed on their honeymoon in Paris. Also, April's sister, Michelle Stevens was married to J.R.'s son James Beaumont.


April Stevens married Jack Ewing and during their divorce hearing she is granted, by the judge, to be entitled to 50% of his future income for five years after the divorce.


April arrives in Dallas to secure her future and informs Jack that she is entitled to half of his ten percent of Ewing Oil. Out of spite, Jack sells his shares to his sister Jamie for one dollar and presents April with her half - fifty cents. When Jamie died, her ten percent went to her husband Cliff Barnes. J.R. schemes to get the ten percent back into the family and April agrees to help him, along with Jack. Meanwhile, WestStar Oil owner Jeremy Wendell wishes to obtain the ten percent and makes an offer to April to sell her future shares to him, which she agrees to do. When it goes to court, Jack explains that he sold his shares to Jamie to spite April so she would not benefit from him. The judge orders that April receives her five percent that she was originally entitled to. April then sells her shares to J.R. (double crossing Jeremy in the process) and finally becomes a wealthy woman. Jeremy realizes he has been double crossed by April and made to look a fool by J.R., so out for revenge, Jeremy has Ewing Oil and the Ewing's investigated by the Justice Department and the company is dissolved. After Pamela Ewing is involved in a horrific car accident, April and Bobby Ewing slowly become closer and start a relationship.

Later, April marries Bobby Ewing but their union is shortcut when she is kidnapped while on honeymoon with Bobby in Paris, she is subsequently shot dead and dies in Bobby's arms.