Barbara Carrera as Angelica Nero
Barbara Carrera as Angelica Nero.
Angelica Nero
Occupation: Weathly shipping magnete, Owner/President of Marinos Shipping
Marital status: Divorced (?)
Spouse(s): ????
Other Relationships: J.R. Ewing (affair)
Played by: Barbara Carrera
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Angelica Nero was a recurring character in the CBS-TV series Dallas who appeared in a total of 20 episodes in what turned out to be the "dream season" of Pam Ewing, Season 9 of the series. The part of Angelica is played in these episodes by Barbara Carrera.

About AngelicaEdit

Angelica, a beautiful, exotic business associate to J.R., was trying to get him involved in a deal with Marinos Shipping, before she she was incarcerated in prison, at least, in the mind of Pam Ewing, as it's reveled at the end of Season 9.

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