Act of Love is the tenth episode of Season 2 of the CBS-TV series Dallas, also the 15th overall series episode. Written by Leonard Katzman, and directed by Irving J. Moore, the episode originally aired on CBS-TV on November 18, 1978.


Is the Ewing heir a Ewing? Sue Ellen sees a lot of Cliff Barnes while J.R. is away, but does that mean Cliff is the father of her unborn child? Pamela lets Bobby know she has her own career ideas.


Jock insists on minding the office while JR goes to Washington, D.C. for more reasons than just business while Sue Ellen finds business of her own in the arms of JR's arch rival, Cliff Barnes. Things get complicated, though, when Sue Ellen finds out about her own predicament. Pam is torn between her job promotion, which means she'll have a buying trip to Paris, or standing by Bobby while he throws a business party.


With J.R. out of town, Sue Ellen continues her romantic encounters with Cliff Barnes only to surprise everyone, including herself, with the news that she's pregnant. Besides Sue Ellen's news, Pam has now gotten a promotion in her job which involves flying to Paris at the same time Bobby is depending on her to play hostesss at a function he considers very important.

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