Hoyt Axton as Aaron Southworth
Hoyt Axton as Aaron Southworth in the CBS-TV movie "Dallas: The Early Years" (1986)
Aaron Southworth †
Occupation: Owner, Southworth Ranch, Fort Worth, TX
About: Allows a young wildcatter, Jock Ewing to drill on Southfork, which would open the way to the formation of Ewing Oil
Children: Miss Ellie Ewing (daughter)
Garrison Southworth (son)
Played by: Hoyt Axton
Appears on: Dallas:The Early Years (1986 TV movie)
  • † - Deceased/Presumed deceased

Aaron Southworth, the father of Miss Ellie Ewing, appears in the 1986 CBS-TV movie special Dallas:The Early Years. The part of Aaron Southworth is played in the film by veteran character actor/ country music singer Hoyt Axton.

About Aaron and the Southfork RanchEdit

Aaron, who built the Southfork Ranch from his own two hands, had allowed a young Digger, who was involved with a young Miss Ellie, to drill on the land in the mid-1930's, as would yield a huge profit for the company that would form Ewing Oil by decade's end. Aaron had offered Henry Barnes, Digger's father, a piece of land but he was too proud to take it, as he decided Willard the land in the hope that he might gain some common sense - and stay away from Ellie, who eventually wed Jock, with Digger then long holding a grudge against Jock for taking control of the company and "stealing" Ellie from him.

When Aaron suffered a stroke, the event somehow served to make the young couple, Jock, who was in the process of seeking a divorce from his then first wife Amanda Lewis, who was, by that time, already in a Colorado state mental hospital.

Aaron had bequeathed the controlling interest in the ranch to his son Garrison, who, through his stupor of his drinking problem, agreed to sell to Jock and sister Ellie, with the two moving to have him declared dead after he was believed to be when his boat went down in an accident, only for him to return 40 years later claiming he was swindled out his stake in the ranch.

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